How to order pictures

1. I received a password, how do I use it ?

In the menu, click on [Customer Login] and fill in your password. You will directly access your personal album. Now you can view and order you favourite photos.

2. Where can I see my order status ?

After your first order, you will receive a confirmation email that contains details about that order and your login information including a password. Now you can login at [Customer Login]. This time us the "Already a customer" box. You can follow there the payment, production and delivery status of your order.

3. I lost my password, can I still order online?

Sure! Just email us the name of your child, his nursery or school's name and his class and we will send you your password back.

4. How long does the delivery take ?

For orders with free delivery at school, it will take up to two weeks after the deadline. For orders with home delivery, 3-5 business days after order has been placed. 

5. Will the watermark be removed from the photos that I order ?

Of course! Watermarks are only to prevent unauthorised downloads and screenshots.

6. What level of quality should I expect from the prints, posters, gifts ?

We only use high-quality materials from renown providers, and don't compromise on quality.


7. We received several passwords – can we group the orders to save money on shipping costs ?

Yes! Process as follows: Log in with the first password you received. Click again on Password-login and type in the next password, etc. You will then be granted access to all the photos.

8. Can I adjust the cropping ?

Yes. You will be able to do it in the basket. When reducing the frame, the cropped section will be enlarged. Please mind the stars that indicate if the resolution of the photos is enough for the enlargment.

9. Can I order more than one picture at once ?

Yes. Mark the pictures on your wishlist by clicking "Remember". Click [View wish list] in the top menu and then click "Order these X photos". You can select a product for each picture afterwards.

10. Can I change the products in the basket ?

Yes. You can choose/modify each photo product in the basket.

11. I don't buy online very often – how can I order photos here ?

Choose a photo that you like in an album and click "Order Photo". Then you can choose a product of your choice, give the number of products you want and click "Add to basket". Once you have placed all the photos you wanted in the basket, click [Basket] up right and follow the steps.